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Power Changes a Series

By zethalee25-09-2014

Call of Duty has been in an interesting place the last few years. Paraded by some as an example of the lack of innovation in modern games, and lauded by others as a prime example to keep a series interesting for its fans, its tale is a divisive one. This year, with a new studio developing the entire game on its own (Sledgehammer), everything from the multiplayer to the campaign has been launched forward to the year 2070 or so, when big burly men with large guns and fantastical technology prowl the streets and their big burly commanders make dramatic hand gestures at one another.

So perhaps not too much has changed. Regardless, the most recent trailer gives us a look at the four-player co-op mode to be included in Advanced Warfare, and I'm not entirely sure how to feel about it. Dubbed "Exo Survival," it pits players against waves of increasingly smarter and more diverse enemies, similar to Modern Warfare 3's Spec Ops Survival mode. What's different here is that players actively upgrade an "exo suit" in between rounds with points collected by completing objectives or demolishing your adversary. Instead of just mindlessly holding down the left mouse button as waves of AI advance further and further into your fire, there will also be some objective-based rounds included, such as collecting "intel" off of fallen enemies. However, fail, and your team will suffer consequences.

IGN has a more detailed write-up, as they actually played the mode, and while it doesn't sound nearly as bizarre as Ghosts's Extinction mode, or the perennial supernatural Zombies mode from Black Ops, perhaps Sledgehammer has done enough to transform the overwhelmingly dull Spec Ops Survival into something fun and captivating in Exo Survival. We'll know and have more thoughts on the game when it releases in just under a month and a half.

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