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Postal 2’s Paradise Lost Finds Its Release Date

By Doubleplus26-03-2015

After completely missing its "Fall 2014" release ballpark figure and radio silence from the devs, the expansion for Postal 2 announced last year has finally got a solid release. In a "Postcard" from developers Running With Scissors, April 17th 2015 was confirmed to be its real release date. It also confirms a return to the "Five Days with freeroaming" formula the base game had, that its previous expansion, Apocalypse Weekend, shied away from, in favor of the more generic, linear game progression. It also boasts a return of the original Postal Dude voice actor, Rick Hunter, after his absence in "The game that didn't really happen, don't play it I'm serious" Postal 3.

Ultimately, these are all steps in the right direction as RWS returns Postal to what made Postal 2 great in the first place. I've always held that Apocalypse Weekend was a blemish that turned a great game into a really shitty, generic FPS (with admittedly fairly hilarious writing, that didn't really make up for the absolute slog that it is playing through it) and I will welcome anything that expands on Postal 2 while still keeping it Postal 2.

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