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Postal 2: Paradise Launch

By Doubleplus16-04-2015

In the launch trailer of Postal 2: Paradise Lost, the expansion pack coming out April 17th (that's tomorrow! ~ed) for the 12-year-old game Postal 2, shows quite a lot of things happening. Some of which was shown in the original reveal trailer, including Gary Coleman riding a guy in bondage gear and people in Hazmat suits patrolling the radioactive wreckage of in the aftermath of the nuclear explosion in the original Expansion pack, Apocalypse Weekend. It also showcases things that weren't previously shown, such as the ability to dual-wield weapons, including two M16 (Labeled as "Machine guns" in the original game, which I really hoped they have rectified in Paradise Lost), several new weapons, as well as showcasing that yes, you will be given chores to do.

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