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Porting Oblivion to Skyrim's Engine

By zethalee21-05-2014

The TES Renewal Project team, perhaps most famous for porting Morrowind to the Skyrim engine (called Skywind), have put out a new trailer for their port of Oblivion, affectionately named "Skyblivion." While this represents a very early stage of the mod, they do have a proof of concept to show for their hard work, and it also coincides with a push for the community to help the game be the best it could be.

Since this is developed by the same team, one of the major questions that would naturally arise is if development of the aforementioned Skywind would be affected by the concurrent work on Skyblivion. Not so, reads the FAQ underneath the video. They share separate teams, and while they are working on porting all of the DLC and every instance of content in the game to the updated engine, once one of the ports is finished, if possible, people will move over and help with the remaining one. Currently, the Skyblivion team is looking for people to help with either navmeshing (effectively telling NPCs where to walk throughout the world, so as to avoid clipping or interacting in weird ways) or working with FaceGen, though whether that refers to player characters or NPCs, it's not clear.

While there's no clear release date nailed down just yet, as these sorts of large-scale mods take a tremendous amount of man-hours, it does show promise for the Skyrim modding community, along with the other two Elder Scrolls games. Even as years progress on between us and the games' releases, people still do care, and it's part of what makes this series so memorable for all.

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