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Portal: Alive & Kicking Shows that Portal is Still Alive

By CameronW16-02-2014

What could possibly be better than Portal? How about if someone went back and re-made Portal with the better visuals and confident design behind Portal 2? It worked with Half Life and its big brother Half-Life 2, though the 3 years between release dates for the Portal games doesn't quite hold a candle to the 14 years that it took for Black Mesa to come around.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that somebody is remaking Portal in Portal 2 and it's called Portal: Alive & Kicking. It was on Greenlight and everybody seems to be super into it, even Jeep Barnett, one of those guys that came up with Portal back when it was Narbacular Drop.  People were into it enough that it's already greenlit and it's showing up on Steam whether you like it or not!

The idea behind Alive & Kicking is to go back to the 2007 classic and bring it a few years forward in terms of technology as well as trying to correct the few mistakes that the simple puzzle game had. The idea of going back and correcting Valve's older works isn't anything new, I mean look at those Half-Life 2 graphical mods that make Alyx look like some horrifying Tila Tequila cosplayer. (I'm sorry for reminding you about the existence Tila Tequila.)

It's not just slapping some nice particle effects and lighting on Portal 1 maps ported into Portal 2's build of the source engine either, chambers 13-18 are re-made in the ruined Aperture aesthetic from Portal 2 in a story plot I’m sure will be explained at some point hopefully. They've released some gameplay of Chamber 12 if you want to see what it could look like. Spoiler: it looks like Portal 2.


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Ha ha, maybe they added an alternative ending? :D

Posts: 23

I wonder if we'll get cake at the end. *funny joke*

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I enjoyed the original portal, I remember buying the Orange Box of Half-life 2 which it came with.