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Poker Night 2 Awards Hats And More

By MrJenssen18-04-2013

Well this was an oddity. It's not very often you see a trailer for a videogame that doesn't focus on the game, but what you can unlock in it, for other games.

But that's exactly what Telltale are doing with this brand spanking new trailer for Poker Night 2, their upcoming game revolving around F1 racing, dragon slaying and space travel. Or just poker.

There's quite a few unlocks to be found in Poker Night 2. Especially when compared the first game's four cosmetic items for Team Fortress 2. If you complete certain challenges, you can win unlockable card decks, poker chips and table designs for Poker Night 2, thematic heads and skins for Borderlands 2, and the Steam version specifically gets five items for Team Fortress 2. There's also a number of exclusive items available for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but let's not meddle with this insignificant, unimportant console peasant filth.

It is a bit strange, isn't it? When you sit down and think about it. It's a trailer promoting other games, in a sense. Sure, it's normal nowadays for some games to promote unlockable items in other games as pre-order bonuses and such, but a full trailer?

It's understandable that they do it this way though. Few people actually played the original Poker Night At The Inventory, and even fewer played it for the charm of the characters. It's the unlocks that will sell this game. Hopefully in the process of unlocking these items, players will realize just what a fun little game it is they have purchased. At least if the game ends up being anywhere near as charming as the first Poker Night.

So lean back, hit the play button and enjoy. And seriously, there's no F1 racing, dragon slaying or space travel in Poker Night 2. Please don't buy it for the space travel or the dragon slaying or the F1 racing. No, buy it because it has a Bruce Campbell lookalike in it!

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Haha, the idea is hilarious! :-D