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Player Two Enters the Game

By MatthewJMimnaugh06-11-2013

Uber Entertainment just announced another update for their upcoming game, Planetary Annihilation. A new faction, its logo, and leader have been decided upon, all of which have a nice air to them.  The faction, "The Foundation," brings intensity to the battlefield and their leader, a Raptor Commander called Inquisitor Nemicus, is an animal-like stompy mech who looks quite comfortable 'sploding things wherever he goes.  The logo (see below) also has a great feel to it; simple enough to spray-paint on the side of your tank, but complex enough to be memorable.

Planetary Annihilation is a game designed to fill the current void of RTS games in the industry.  Based on old school Total Annihilation-type gameplay, this title has some nostalgia factor working for it.  At the same time, it offers mechanic's never before seen; a notable example of this is the concept of colonizing a moon, weaponizing it, and crashing it into the enemy base.   Crammed full of interesting bits, the title just oozes charm.  An early build of Planetary Annihilation is currently available via Steam's Early Access program.  Beware, though, as this is an unfinished beta product and may be buggy.  Look for the full release sometime in December 2013.

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