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Play Killing Floor with St. Patrick!

By Toast18-03-2014

Why not slice some Zeds with dear old St Paddy on the glorious old saints Patricks day? Kidding! Well Ok, the time has come and gone since yesterday...but the nice guys at tripwire have a special little event activated for players who have missed out on previous event achievements, character unlocks and items (GLaDOS's Golden Potato). All exclusive unlockable Steam achievements should be obtainable again for this week only, and as for the unlocks, these are what you can obtain again if you still haven't:

Bad Santa
Steampunk Mr Foster
Steampunk Mrs Foster
Commando Chicken
Golden Potato

Oh hey! I actually forgot the best bit! Killing Floor itself has been heavily discounted all this week too! So if you haven't picked it up yet, shame on you, grab it now and help clear the bloody zombies!

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