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Play as a Ghost Detective, Solve Your Own Murder

By Toast05-06-2013

It appears some more news has popped up onto the radar about Murdered: Soul Suspect. It follows a small teaser trailer that was released back in February, but no one had any clue as to what it was truly based on. Now with the extended version of the trailer, we can see exactly what it's going on.

You will play as a detective called Ronan O'Connor that has met an unfortunate end to the hands of a hooded figure, the interesting part is that even though you have died, you play as your own ghost. The objective of the story is to hunt down and reveal the identity of your killer. Once you do, you will be resurrected and live your life again. It's unclear as to whether you will always be in ghost form or if there will be flashback moments to when you were still alive, but it will be very likely some of the unanswered questions will be revealed at E3, as the end of the video reveals it will be featured at some point next week during E3.

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Posts: 240

Wow, impressive trailer. One game I'd be interested in keeping my eye on if the gameplay's as creative as the idea.

Posts: 3290

@Bread: Could be, that still hasn't been officially announced to the best of my knowledge. All we know for sure is that Square are publishing

Posts: 124

Looks rather promising. Isn't this being developed by Airtight Games?

Posts: 123

This looks great! Can't wait to see more at E3.

Posts: 1317

It's a neat concept. Let's hope it's more than just some generic third person shooter with a gimmick tacked on at the last moment.

Posts: 3290

Square making games I'm interested in again?

Does this mean...we'll get a GOOD FINAL FANTASY AGAIN?!?