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PlanetSide 2 Shall Not Allow Cheaters To Live

By JcDent26-01-2013

Sony Online Entertainment are dropping the banhammer on cheaters in PlanetSide 2, as John Smedley, SOE president, reports with glee more befitting Snidely Whiplash.

One of his last tweets mentions banning "the crap out a whole bunch of idiots". The lead idiots in this crowd are two guys who sunk 300 hours into the game and one well-off moron who has spent 230$ buying in game stuff.

Smedley reportedly hates cheaters so much, that he has called them "a threat to our livelihood".

Well, like they said in Dawn of War II, none can stop the crusade of the righteous!

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Posts: 233

300 hours and they cheat? After that time they should be able to own by themselves....However, I wonder if they ever ban a non-cheater by accident.

Posts: 1548

Ha, haha, hahahaha :D