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PlanetSide 2 Servers Merging

By Mokman22-02-2013

Attached to your current character on a server in PlanetSide 2, but annoyed at how deserted it seems lately compared to another server? No fear! In response to the huge inconsistency in populations between servers, SOE has decided to merge the more unpopulated servers together, in accordance to the current statistics and predictions they have. As to quote SOE's Matt Higby in the announcement:

"This is a factor of which servers were most popular at launch, and players gravitating to one or two servers per locale. Now that the crush of new players from launch and the holidays has died down, and our server populations and incoming new players have stabilized we have a good idea of where each server stands in terms of player population, empire population and we can model merges to optimize the populations."

The following servers are to be merged:

US West:

Genudine and Helios -> Helios

US East:

Mattherson and SolTech -> Mattherson

Waterson and Jaeger -> Waterson


Cobalt and Lithcorp -> Cobalt

Ceres and Mallory -> Ceres

Higby also states that the ultimate goal would be to allow "more massive in your massively-multiplayer", as well as a "more consistent and full server population during off-peak hours". Also to check out, the new Players Site has launched containing your characters stats and useful information.

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Posts: 4

I doubt it means it's going under, they just put up too many servers at launch. Im actually happy about this since I'm on Helios so I'll hopefully see more large fights outside Indar.

Posts: 228

Just hoping this doesn't mean that PS2 is about to go under. I'm scared :/