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PlanetSide 2 Refurbishes a Continent

By JcDent25-02-2014

PlanetSide 2 is my most praised, least played multiplayer FPS (hint: it’s because I suck at it). Unlike other games, where you join matches over and over again, here you fight a war on a huge map, driving from one engagement to another. It never stops. Sony Online Entertainment has been supporting it with various updates and upgrades, and now it’s giving the first continent, Amerish, an update.

First is the implementation of the Latice system: you can only attack those bases and outposts that have a connection with properties that your faction already owns. This probably serves to make the game less random and concentrates players on a few key fronts. The Latice System was already in place in the other continents.

Others, more visual striking changes are done with the outposts themselves. Sure, Facility Satellites might have been separated into different outposts and a multi-cap Amp Station was added to Stungray. But the big thing is the introduction of 9 new outposts as well as visual refurbishing of the old ones. And believe me, visual touches is something that PlanetSide’s bases sorely needed because they all looked the same and very boring to boot, being just collections of metal houses with some metal boxes strewn here and there. And while the visual re-haul doesn’t change the metal part, at least now they have some more interesting layouts.

While the road system was also improved for easier navigation (and high speed jeep attacks), the game seems to still have some ills. According to YouTube comments, people are still horrible in the comments section and spawn camping the spawn room in besieged bases is still terrible.

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