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Planetside 2 Promises PhysX

By JcDent12-02-2013

If you're the sort of fellow that likes to browse the game settings screen, you might have noticed a GPU physics option greyed out in PlanetSide 2. Which means that PhysX, the engine used to make models and scenery (read: flags) move realistically in games, is coming to PlanetSide 2. Can't wait?

Well, pcgamesn.com writes that you can try it now! You just need to find useroptions.ini in the main PlanetSide 2 directory. There you must find the second section of settings called [Rendering]. Then at the end of it, just add these two lines:



And supposedly voila! While my PlanetSide 2 showed no improvement, some eyecandy can already be seen in the video above. However I’d be more excited if they released the Buggy-adding patch sooner, though.

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