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Planetside 2 Players To Help Decide Game’s Future

By SavageOcto15-12-2012

With the release of Planetside 2 in November, the three year plan for the game will be going into effect “early January” according to John Smedley, president at SOE, when talking to PC Gamer. Smedley plans on released the plan in “six-month increments” to the community. It seems SOE is continuing their attitude toward player feedback it had during the beta. Smedley continues saying,

“We’re going to be really listening to the players.What we’re going to do is let people know a list of things we plan to do, and let them decide the order they want it done in, and - if they hate it - we’ll change it. Players are paying the bills, so as far as I’m concerned that puts them in the driver’s seat.”

Besides talking about listening to player feedback to direct the game’s future, Smedley also talked about adding an in-game tutorial to help new players get into the game. The game has a pretty steep learning curve in traversing its huge maps and finding a fight.

“It is a tough game to learn. We’re proud of how deep it is, but I want every Battlefield or Call of Duty player to just get in there and know what to do straight away. It’s likely we’ll have it [the in-game tutorial] in the game by February, and we’ll be working on attracting more new users after that.”

To get the full interview of Smedley talking about Planetside 2’s future, check it out over on PCGamer.


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