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PlanetSide 2 Going Lawyer On Hackers Ass

By JcDent26-02-2013

So it happened again: some shmucks hacked the PlanetSide 2's EU servers and stole some emails and passwords. However, ProSieben, the server hosts on this side of the pond, say the data is encrypted. Nevertheless, users of accounts that may have been compromised have been sent password reset emails yesterday. Some other players have their accounts suspended "for security reasons", but they can reactivate them online.

Unless they're a bunch of dicks, suspending users and then watching over their shoulders to detect hackers is one of the ways the Sony Online Entertainment counters assholes. John Smedley, president of SOE, went on /r/planetside to talk about their efforts to combat hackers (P.S. it involves lawyers). The view isn't pleasant, since hacks are developed as fast as SOE can counter them.

John said that he personally visited some of the hacking sites and he was astonished to see how sophisticated they are. And they're making money...by making hacks for a F2P game. Those bastards.

Have you ever been messed with by hackers? Do you want to break their fat necks? Tell your opinion in the comments!

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