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PlanetSide 2 Gets Some Major Updates

By SavageOcto09-11-2012

PlanetSide 2 is coming soon. SOE has some details in its business model and what's in store this week for the beta, including sweeping changes to capture mechanics and adding new meta-game elements.

On John Smedly’s twitter, President of SOE, he stated that they were going to bring trials to weapons you can buy. This will mean that you can try a weapon before you decide to buy it, something that has been asked for by testers for a while now.

Matt Higby, Creative Director for PlanetSide 2, also made a lengthy post on what is to come to beta later this week. This includes sweeping changes to capture mechanics and XP gains. They’re switching from a ticker system, like the one found in Battlefield, to a “tug-of-war” system.

Standing near a capture point now increases your team’s “pull” to capture the base from the defenders who start at 100%. The more people who stand near the point increase how hard you pull. Defenders now just have to push the enemy off of these control points for them to start pulling back to secure the base. The hope is that this new system will cut down dead-time for attackers and defenders when they have to wait around for a base to flip or re-secure before they can move on.

XP is also getting a little rework, increasing the amount needed for certs from 250 to 500. They have also changed how XP is rewarded for defending or attacking a base. Defenders will gain an XP boost for all actions while near a base under attack, but will no longer gain XP for re-securing their base. Attackers now get a larger amount of XP for capturing a base, but don’t get the XP boost the defenders do.

With all 3 launch continents are now in the game, Higby states that conquering a continent will give everyone belonging to that empire a boost until someone else conquers it, giving owners reduced resource cost with a specific resource. Bases are also getting bonuses that extend to areas with connection to them. For example, the Tech Plant gives access to an Empires main battle tank which makes them prime targets to deny the enemy of their tanks.

With only a little under two weeks until the game officially launches, SOE is going all out to make sure the game will be ready by then. What do you guys think of the changes and announcements made? Leave a comment below!

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