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Planetside 2 Gets Last Minute Polish

By SavageOcto16-11-2012

Planetside 2 is launching in only a few days and SOE is still working on and fine-tuning the game. The most recent updates sees changes to how players earn and spend cert points, used to buy and upgrade weapons.

First the rate at which you gain certs have been doubled, reverting back to 1 cert per 250 XP gained from 1 cert per 500 XP.

Second, the game is changing the prices to “reduce the overall time investment for weapons by about 30% on the top end weapon unlocks.” While it may not take as long to get that super expensive weapon, weapon attachment prices have been slightly increased to compensate so the overall cert cost for getting and upgrading the weapon is the same.

Check out the details of the changes here. Be sure to play Planetside 2 when it drops November 20th.

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Hope they do a bit more than fine tuning there are still a great number of glitches.