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Planetary Annihilation Lore Drop

By Mokman16-10-2013

So I've been playing Planetary Annihilation recently, you know, no big deal and all. And before you lynch me out of sheer jealousy, don't worry, the preview will be out soon, and here's a preview of the preview - it may be rough around the edges, but I just smashed an entire jungle planet into a death star, wiping out myself and my two opponents. So, anyway, those fantastic folks over at Uber Entertainment have now decided to give us an actual reason to be flinging planets at one another, and this takes the form of yet another faction and commander reveal. Where previously we were introduced to Commander Invictus of the Legionis Machina, a somewhat crazed technological AI civilization, now we have met yet another individual.

Enter Commander Ezek, (name subject to change), of the Temple of the First (faction name subject to change). Well, to be honest, the faction and commander names haven't really been decided yet, that having been left up to the backers to poll on, but at least we've had a delicious little lore drop involving the backstory for that faction, briefly described here: "This faction is based on various religious movements in human history. Led by a charismatic figure, the faction vows to spread their message across the universe and to crush all of those, biologic or machine, that will not convert to their beliefs." Religious crusading robots? Count me in - read more about them here.

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It is cool that they do these Lore drops, but I actually wonder how many people actually try to follow all the Lore? You know, like an estimate.