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Planetary Annihilation Kickstarted!

By Bis18marck7014-09-2012

Planetary Annihilation, one of the most backed Kickstarter projects to date, has finally reached its donation deadline. Basing itself on the giants of the RTS genre such as Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, the developers who had previously worked on these and other titles (Demigod, Command & Conquer, Monday night Combat) initially set a goal of $900,000. With a whopping $2,228,344 from 44,161 different backers, that goal was firmly ‘annihilated’. Indeed, every single goal was met with the last one, a full Orchestra recording of the in game soundtrack being set at $2 million, being just the completion of awesomeness that has unfolded before our eyes. And everyone who knows something about music knows there is nothing, absolutely nothing that is more awesome than an Orchestra unfolding its magic before your very eyes…and ears.

Of course, with so much support comes a great responsibility and as such we hope that Planetary Annihilation truly delivers what it promises. But, let’s be honest. The scene is set; the money is pledged, the talent is there – what could possibly go wrong? Personally, I am dead exited. I cannot even put it into words anymore. As I struggle to contain my emotions a comprehensive sentences would never be able to fully justify what I am feeling. Yet, I am also a cynic and a realist, although my friends often see that particularly trait as pessimism, by nature and such I try to contain my emotions – other projects have been looking fine too, only to disappoint at launch. As such, let us get down to earth. All we can say at this point is that not many announced games of the RTS genre will have, with the squad that has assembled behind Planetary Annihilation, been more loaded with potential and possibilities. This game could be the next big thing in the RTS world – it could beat everything that has come before and set a benchmark for everything that comes after. Planetary Annihilation, we await you eagerly. Please, just please don’t disappoint.

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Indeed please don't disappoint!