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Planetary Annihilation Gets Lore Dump

By Mokman26-09-2013

Now, what is missing in a game about taking over entire planets and then throwing it at other planets while your robot minions march on their cities beneath? If you said lore, then you are a hundred percent correct, at least according to developer Uber Entertainment, who has just recently released a huge lore dump a day before the release of its beta, resulting in deliciously arcane information regarding the different factions and their identities. Backers would be even able to vote on some details regarding the factions themselves. As quoted from the Kickstarter post:

"The world of Planetary Annihilation is a complex one. It's filled with untold numbers of scarred, warring machines with identities moulded by the philosophies of their Commander. There are four known factions in the universe, and though every Commander and his troops have assimilated their machine-parts, each has a wildly different outlook on the world."

The commanders in this case being giant robots that move about in a huge intergalactic war. I say hell yes, give me the damn game already - this promises to be good.

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Cool I guess, if people want to know the story backdrop about it, would be an interesting game if you're into this.