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Planetary Annihilation Developer Video

By Mokman24-03-2013

Gracing us in this livestream video showcasing upcoming strategy game Planetary Annihilation are Jon Mavor and Kevin Francis, as well as Elijah Emerson, three developers from Uber Entertainment. What do they show us? Well, sadly, not much gameplay just yet, as this livestream focuses mainly on planet generation, rendering and other engine-related aspects of the game. However, it does showcase what I imagine to be the final product's visual style and how the planets are generated, a fascinating view of a game's genesis in progress.

Furthermore, the inclusion of all this tech-heavy information seems to have struck a chord with the audience most clamoring for more. It is indeed extremely interesting to see how a game works and the engine mechanics that are hidden behind the final product, although I won't mind some more-exciting visual candy, maybe a couple of battles here and there. Still, that promises to be on the horizon, as more developer diaries are to be released. Do head over and check it out!

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