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Planetary Annihilation Concept

By Bis18marck7024-01-2013

It's been a long time since Supreme Commander and its predecessors have brought us the epic scale of war in the future right into our house. Luckily, as many of you will know, Planetary Annihilation is in the making and the wait might have been worthwhile.

To give us an impression of what is to come the developers have released two conceptual works that show of the size difference they hope to achieve between terrain, buildings and units. Check out the Desert Biome Concept and the Unit Scale picture to get an idea of how the finalized game might look but keep in mind that this is concept work and the units are far from finished. We won't be fighting around with Lego blocks – Actually, why not?

Anyway, before I take up the idea and call for an immediate development of a Lego RTS, it probably is best that I finish by telling you that you can get early access to images such as these if you happen to be a Kcikstarter/ Paypal backer or pre-ordered the game. If you are one of the three, register on the forum and you are good to go.

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Thi looks so awesome - cant wait.