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Pixel Ronin

By Bunnysuit28-01-2015

Devolver Digital, the publishers of Hotline Miami will be publishing a new title by the name of Ronin, sometime this year. Ronin is a turn base action platformer consisting of 15 stages with the goal of assassinating 5 targets. There is actually a demo of the game in its early stages from developer, Tomaz Waclawek's website.

From the trailer the game looks very much like a mix of the game Gunpoint and Mark of The Ninja. The developer of Gunpoint has actually made a blog post about the similarities of the games. For the record Tom Francisr does not think that Ronin is a ripoff.

I see that stealth will be a big part of the gameplay, which means I'm probably going to be terrible at it. I'm still going to try to enjoy it though.

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