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Pixel, a Bridge Too Far?

By elethio18-06-2015

Pixel Bridge by Dry Cactus, is coming to early access on June 30th. Pixel Bridge looks a lot like Bridge Constructor, and like Bridge Constructor it looks a lot like a mobile port. This shouldn't be a surprise though considering Dry Cactus's history, they have made four games so far, all mobile games.

But this member of the Master Race does not disciminate! as long as the game is fun that's what I'm looking for. Innovation is something else I highly prize too, it's ok to copy Doom as long as you change a few guns at least, and it's ok to copy Bridge Constructor as long as you change a few ... struts?

However Pixel Bridge has not shown much to set it apart yet. Obviously the aesthetic is different, there is also workshop integration for sharing "puzzle" designs, and their is an animated Gif feature for sharing your comedy failures too. but other than that, the two games look about the same. but I guess we'll find out more in just over a week.

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lol, that reads really bad. I meant PC master race of course.