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Piracy, El Presidente Style

By Toast26-03-2014

Did you ever wonder how our great Presidente came to rule over Tropico or where his roots aspired from? From family obviously, but how did his family first arrive on the island? Through the legacy of Piracy of course!  Now we can join in on the action, arriving on Tropico during the Colonial time period, and establishing ourselves as the best, or worst, dictator the present and future residents of Tropico ever see!

Along with the previously announced features including new advanced and enriched technology trees, along with new research trees and more island exploration, we now have Dynasties. This will include a lot of branching out to fill political positions, including ambassador, commanding general or supreme ruler, it will ensure that your family has a foothold on power throughout Tropico for future eras in to come.

The return to Tropico is sure to be a glorious comeback, especially with the latest additions of co-operative and competitive multiplayer with up to 4 Presidentes. But for most of you, you’ll need to wait in line for your chance in the early summer to rule, or you can always try your luck on the official Tropico 5 closed beta test, you filthy rebel!

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Posts: 267

El Presidente Jack Sparrow. Too bad for him, Russia has nuclear ways to silence any criticism xD.

Posts: 1317

Been playing Tropico 4 quite a bit, and I love it. Really looking forward to what they're gonna do with 5.