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Pink Penguins Take Over Steam

By StuntmanLT15-02-2013

What better day to introduce Linux to Steam than Valentine's Day. Is this the sign of love and commitment that Valve have in mind for Linux's future? Only time will tell but for now we get full Steam support including the Big Picture mode included. Additionally we get a sale of 50%-75% off for over 50 titles that are here to congratulate the penguin OS and show support the whole week. Those 54 great games supporting Linux rage from such titles as Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Half-Life and Red Orchestra 2 all the way to FTL, Frozen Synapse, Darwinia and World of Goo, including real surprises as Serious Sam 3 and Trine 2. Now this is what I'd call a strong line-up.

Also along with march of penguins we finally get an update to Steam client that has FRICKING MESSAGE HISTORY! That's one thing I'm really happy to see. If we have any Tux friends here on PJ, or you share my joy for the message history update – express your love and gratitude down below.


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