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Pimp My Ride Battlefield Style

By Kelevandos17-06-2013

Battlefield 4 undoubtedly was a star of E3, with almost every aspect of the gameplay being analysed and commented. Just one thing was barely mentioned. This thing was the vehicle customization, one of the more interesting mechanics in Battlefield 3. The new one seemed quite robust and, well, it is a bit different.

The main difference is the customization of every role in the vehicle, providing you with separate perks based on where you sit. This leaves out the weird situations from the previous game, where switching seats in a tank would take its armour away. Also, there are some new weapon types, an option to paint your ride and, wait for it, boats. This time not as mobile targets though, but fully-fledged water fortresses. If we are to believe the author of the above video, they can counter land and air alike, making them a great advantage on the more aquatic maps!

Also, the alpha tests of the game started today and will last around 14 days, with a selected few "experienced in the franchise" gaining access. If you did not get an invitation, well, this is quite much it, as it is confirmed there will be no second wave just yet. But on this occasion, MP1st made public what is assumably the requirements of the alpha version. Here you go:

OS: Vista SP2, Win7 (Win8 not supported)

64 bit (32 bit not supported)

DirectX 10 or DirectX 11 GPU with 1+ GB VRAM, DirectX 11 highly recommended

25GB HDD free space required

Latest Origin version required

These looks quite much like the Battlefield 3 requirements and will sure change along the way. But one thing is interesting – no Windows 8 support? Well, if the information about Xbox ONE system being based on Windows 8 is to be believed, then we have another piece to validate this news. Bad Microsoft, bad.

The customization system seems interesting or even innovative to some extent, and we will surely hear more on it from the alpha testers. As a more casual BF player I am happy to see the changes as well as the, let's say, manageable requirements. But what do you think about these changes? Let us know below!

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Posts: 3290

Pimp my battlefield

Posts: 228

It did the same in BF3, I think. Really helpful when you see a Jeep with C4 coming your way.

Yes, I know there are more threats to tanks that suicidal jeep affectionados.

Posts: 223

Is it just me or does the tank gun turn a bit too fast?

Posts: 228

Everybody is gonna be armor/IR and proximity. Makes it harder for C4 runners...maybe not so much for C4 jeeps, my favorite.

Although helicopters seem to be an even bigger "Fuck youuuu" to the infantryman.