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Pillars of Eternity Have Characters Screens and Footsteps

By JcDent17-01-2014

Pillars of Eternity is going to be a spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment, one of the best RPGs ever. Hooray! And now for the updates, or, to be more specific, Update #70. Probably the most interesting for us is the screenshot of the UI or, as we liked to call it, a character sheet!

Here, we can see a lot interesting stuff – strange for near classes and races, strange names for party members, damage and kill estimations... as well as stats. Don't you just love how Strength is replaced by Might and it's shortened to Mig? The reputation statuses are a bit strange, but they will most likely get changed 'till the game comes out in whenever.

Besides that, they have finished their mega-dungeon, Od Nua, done making most of their most important creatures and are moving to B list and equipment variations, they updated Unity software which now helps them have sounds of footsteps, the spells are mostly in the game as well as party formations – those are important in hardcore fantasy games as you want to keep your mages away from frontlines.

There's also concept art of two gods: the burned lady that's the patron of law, obligations and rightful rulership, and a generic god of hunt.

Can't wait to try it out when it's done!

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