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PiixL Jetpack – a Powerful Hidden Steam Machine

By NAG3LT07-12-2013

Yet another company is jumping on the Valve's Steam Machines bandwagon. While iBuyPower plans to compete with home consoles at similar price, power and looks, PiixL goes high-end and hides their device from view. JetPack is a PC in a very flat case which is designed to be mounted behind 32"-70" sized TVs. It also has standard VESA mounts and can support reasonably heavy TVs when mounted to the wall.

There is no information about Steam Controller or SteamOS coming pre-installed with the Jetpack. That somewhat reminds of Xi3 Piston which had no Steam Machine specific features and was just riding the bandwagon. However, unlike Piston, Jetpack is big and can pack powerful gaming hardware. PiixL mentioned the ability to dissipate 500W from the case and have Intel Core i7 and GeForce GTX 780 inside. That will not come cheap however, as the most powerful version of JetPack's predecessor – EdgeCenter Max Edition (i7 3770, GTX 680) costs £1513.25.

PiixL is planning to launch Jetpack on January 1st, 2014 at a price of $1000 for the weakest model, which may even lack any dedicated graphics card. It looks like a good gaming HTPC, but PiixL asks a large premium for the ability to attach a slim PC behind your TV. While it should be better than the very restrictive Xi3 Piston, it looks like a product for people who have a lot of spare money.

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