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Pictures of the Battle Away From the Field

By Jedireaper03-03-2014

Battlefield 4 hasn’t been met with the best reception so far, having had to delay the release of Second Assault that was due this year as DICE worked to try and fix the bugs and issues that faced many a Battlefield 4 player after release. Well, if you, like me, are still standing by Battlefield as your preferred of the modern shooter, you may be excited by the fact that the DLC schedule is now back up and in full swing.

Along with some player appreciation awards for loyal Battlefield players released earlier last month, including such things as Battle Packs to unlock random attachments and dog tags, the XP events, and the Second Assault DLC that brought with it a host of classic Battlefield 3 maps. Now there are some stunning new screens from the up-and-coming Naval Strike map pack, focussing on more naval oriented maps and combat, which will be the third of the five Map Packs to grace us so far.

The pack features a selection of new maps to the series including one containing the largest amount of ocean in a map that DICE have ever released, along with new game modes; including one very similar to the classic Titan Mode of Battlefield 2142, for those that care to remember, or have played, Carrier Assault. There is also mention of new naval vehicle(s?) making an appearance such as amphibious hover-craft, most of which we have covered previously.

In any event I am finally getting the map pack I have always wanted, I just hope you get to fight on board a sinking carrier or some-such, as forces attack it from outside and take foot-holds within. While you’re to try and repel the attackers as you attempt to escape the sinking ship. That is my hope. Perhaps a fleeting dream of a mad-man? But don't those screens look lovely?

Either way, as always, we want to hear what you think, so drop us a comment below.

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Nice, so glad I got the Season Pass (aka Premium account) for this game. Was definitely the right purchasing decision (it helped though that I had a gift card worth half the value of it :P)