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Phantom Daylight

By JcDent23-09-2013

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the latest game in the long running series of Japanese stealth and conspiracy-wtfuckery action games. Child soldiers, Afganistan, mysterious Strogg like people - it has everything! Even a trailer of daytime (the worst time for stealth) adventures.

Since this a video ripped from Tokyo Game Show (been there, seen a surprising amount of ugly white people), everything is in Japanese - and I only know a few words of it. Then again, the video sort of speaks for itself. Snake is infiltrating an American military base... because reasons, I guess. He starts by riding in at the back of a truck, using his enhanced scope to mark enemy positions. After he disembarks, a few ene...BRAVE AMERICAN SOLDIERS get a dose of sleeping drugs via pistol. Eventually, Snake finds a patrolling trooper, sneaks up on him, and gets the info out through creative use of strangleholds.

One body dumping later, and he's off to steal some data. Some more takedowns are shown and they all look great. Eventually, after beating two guys up in dynamic CQC, he steals a cassette from a tower... but one of the previously drugged guards wakes up and sets off the alarm! We get to see some unimpressive shooting action (MGS is never about shooting - even if MGS4 had a mouth watering arsenal) Snake's helicopter evac gets taken down and an APC (probably) starts chasing him... before being taken down with C4 (you have to see that). Afterwards, it's just a simple matter of using a nigh indestructible jeep to escape!

Actually, from all the MGSV I've seen, this is the video that makes me sad. The shooting looks boring and too easy. Well, nothing we can do but wait and hope the PC port is confirmed.

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I hope this is ported to the PC, as I have been a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series since its release on the PS1." SNAAAAAAAKKKKEEEEEE!!!!!"