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Petitioning For EVE's Eye

By Bobfish01-05-2013

Eye as in ocular, specifically the Oculus Rift and the EVE 6x6 dogfighting game some CCP staff put together in their spare time. The CCP higher ups gave a sad statement that the 2013 EVE Fanfest was the only place this was ever likely to be seen, leading our colleagues at PCgamesN to speculate, perhaps a petition would change their minds. So they made one. This might sound kind of bizarre, showing off something so awesome and telling us they'll never release it. Which it is. Very bizarre. But hey, they're Icelandic, what do you expect? That country spawned Bjork!

Joking aside, this is actually a really clever idea on their part. The group working on it have made clear their intention to continue development no matter what happens, so this will be made one way or another. But upper management types have cunningly put forth the idea of a petition to gauge fan demand. At least, that's the way I'm seeing it. If enough people sign, this will go from being a small, part time venture to being moved into the main building, so to speak, and developed as a full piece of the EVE universe. So what are you waiting for? Go sign the damned thing! I want to fly my Rifter down, into Dust 514, in virtual reality, and massacre people with auto-cannons!

Oh yeah, and say something below and junk...SO I CAN MASSACRE YOUR COMMENTS WITH AUTO-CANNONS!

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More importantly. Why does the guy on the far left have an envelope stuck to the front of his headset?

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So wait, is this game just for the Oculus or? In any case if it's not then the game has potential, if it is then I don't care about it. I have no intention of using a device that can hurt my eyesight permanently (the Oculus). That's why the technology failed to garner interest 10 years ago and that's why it SHOULD fail again today.

Posts: 3290

Sign it you ingrates!