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Peter Kravinoff

By Bobfish24-01-2014

A new trailer, finally, for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has come swinging out onto the web. Narrated by Sergei 'Kraven the Hunter' Kravinoff who, contrary to well established canon, is now acting as Spideys mentor?!

What in the actual fuck?

Now, admittedly, this is a genuinely intriguing idea, and even fits, in a way, with the more mature interpretation Sony have been aiming for with the Amazing Spider-Man films. Aiming for...achieving is still very much open for debate. Fanboys, I'm sure, will be raging and spitting nails about this. Kraven has always, firmly, been in Spidey's rogue gallery. The lines are far more blurry, as Kraven is not an inherently evil or villainous character. But even so, always a 'bad guy'.

Personally, the idea intrigues me. My only real complaint is that he isn't voiced by Michael Dorn anymore. This new version of the character though, methinks he a good addition to the Spider-Man canon. It will be extremely interesting to see where Beenox take this.

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Spidey games do actually tend to be pretty decent

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Hoping its decent.