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Personalise Your Guns 12th April

By Leigh Cobb28-03-2013

PC players will be able to get the map Nuketown 2025 for Black Ops 2 and new Personalisation Packs on 12th April, according to Activision. These additions hit the 360 a few weeks ago, but now PC players will have the chance to pay for aesthetic-only camo options for their weapons.

There are nine of the personalisation packs to choose from, each one you'll have to buy individually. I believe an American way of putting this would be 'nickel and diming'. The camo looks... colourful. I guess if you want your gun to look pretty as you mow people down then this could be the downloadable content for you. But knowing how much the Call of Duty games like to use that jam on screen effect for blood, you may not be able to see it a lot of the time.

In better news, the map Nuketown 2025 is going to be free. You can access all this on the 12th April, more information here.

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