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Penguins and Apples for The Cave

By Mokman16-01-2013

Well, excited fans, the time for us to finally enter The Cave is imminent. January 22nd, to be precise. Sega has announced the release date for their hotly-anticipated adventure game, The Cave, as well as the price, which will be £9.99/$14.99/€12.99. Not only that, they have also stated that it would be available for Windows, Mac and Linux, thus putting Mac/Linux user's fears to rest.

For those who do not know, The Cave is the brain-child of Ron Gilbert, famous for designing games such as Monkey Island, and Deathspank. Double Fine has been hard at work, creating a game that is supposedly story-driven, replete with puzzle mechanics and with a strange dynamic between the narration and the game. It features, well, a cave, and an interesting cast of characters who explore it. For more information, check out one of their character trailers here.

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