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PC Souls Has Arrived

By eremeticskeptic25-04-2014

One of the most anticipated games of the year, Dark Souls II, has come to PC! Now PC gamers have access to the great game that console gamers have already had access to, but only this is better, because, well, dirty console peasants! PCs just have a higher capacity for everything, so it’s a given that at least the technical part of the game is going to be a bit better in the PC version. 

Dark Souls II certainly has the reputation of not only having the hype of the first Dark Souls, but building its own and then living up to both. You can’t say that about many games nowadays, with many of them being half baked ideas or obvious rip-offs of earlier successes. However, the Souls series relies on dark fantasy elements that can really only be found in Dungeons and Dragons (or Pathfinder, whatever floats your boat) but are executed in the top notch manner you’ve come to expect from those that have chosen to dedicate themselves to this game. 

Anyways, we know you’re here for one reason – you’ve been waiting far too long for the release, so here you’ve come to find out about it. May I direct you to one of our many news stories covering it, or our review.

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