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PC Release Pushed Back, Beta for Pre-Order

By MrJenssen21-03-2014

Remember that release date I told you about for Trials Fusion? Well screw that, because universe! But don't fret, the push-back is only minor. An E-mail we received from Ubisoft lists the new date at April 24th, about a week later than originally planned.

But that's only if you're a PC gamer. The console versions will still be released on April 16 exactly as planned. But it's not like we're not already used to this kind of treatment from Ubisoft anyway. Right?

As consolation, pre-ordering gents and gals will be getting access to the closed beta for the game. The beta opens up already later today. But again, that's only if you dish out and pay for the game.

"The Beta phase will include 14 tracks and 2 skill games during its first phase, with leaderboards and challenges. The content of the Beta will evolve in time through weekly updates until launch."

Funny enough, the mention of Steam last time Ubisoft made a press release concerning the game, does not repeat in this E-mail. It specifically says Uplay this time, without any mention of Steam. The game is available for pre-order on Uplay and several other digital outlets now. But not Steam. Not yet, anyway.


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