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PC Ports The Capcom Way

By Bobfish25-02-2013

"I'm sorry, but they are not half assed. The PC versions are still the best versions of pretty much every game we make and they're better than the majority of console ports from other publishers in terms of features support.

The original games on consoles are DX9. We have prioritized getting PC releases closer to day and date (as we did with DmC, DR2, DR2:OTR, SSFIV:AE, etc.) than taking advantage of DX11 at the moment."

From Capcom Corporate Officer/Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson in the Capcom-unity forums three days ago. I could say more, but I think his words pretty much speak for themselves. But what do y'all think, DX11 or play RE6 sooner? Leave your comments, half-assed or otherwise, in the wee box below.

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You mean censorers not editors right? :P

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See, this is why we have editor's. I'm almost ashamed to admit my original write-up was...rather more aggressive in tone