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PC Gaming Wiki Kickstarter

By Bobfish20-12-2012

And already passed its funding benchmark. So there you go, aren't we nice? I'm giving you a twofer right off the bat. But perhaps a little clarification is in order. See, despite what the name may suggest to some (well, okay, to me when I first saw it) we're not talking about merely a place for stuff about games. At least, not just stuff about games.

Their aim is to offer a safe haven, a place of healing, the mythical digitised Grey Havens. A place where all your rage and fear and despair will melt away. Where you can bask in the warm glow of perfect harmony. In short, ladies and gentleman, the place where you'll find fixes for every game!

I know, it seems impossible. How could this fever dream of the perfect possible future ever come to pass? No more desperate Google searches with only one thread, a decade old, from that one guy with the same problem, who never received a single reply. Can such a thing ever exist? Well, these guys seem to think so. And since they already reached their goal, mayhap it could well be a reality. And soon.

Of course, being a Wiki, it will still have the same potential shortfalls as any other Wiki. User generated content can be, let's say, unreliable. So, of course, rarer and more obscure bugs and glitches may, and will I'm sure, still prove difficult to find solutions for. But having one, specific, specialised place to begin your search. A place not only purposed for, but dedicated solely to, solving such issues, is a massive step in the right direction. And this is coming from someone who openly criticises the very concept of Wikis. So if I can see the potential, what do you say?

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