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PC Dogs

By StuntmanLT10-04-2014

Finally, our prayers have been answered. Ubisoft gave us the PC Watch Dogs footage. And boy, does it look pretty.

Ever since the initial unveiling the game looked worse and worse. Even after it was delayed, it seemed that the additional time didn’t add to the games visual fidelity. But we kept our hopes up, telling ourselves that this was only console footage. Now, with the latest PC footage re-reveal (E3 demo was shown on a PC supercomputer) the game looks as pretty as ever. The environments again are alive and full of detail.

The video above talks about technical aspects of the game and even though it is catered to Nvidia card owners, AMD fans should not get upset. Most of the features being described are either available on both, the red and green, teams’ cards or they have as strong equivalents. Watch Dogs, no matter your GPU manufacturer, will look great...if you have the hardware to run it that is.

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Posts: 1548

Why do they do that (disabling UK store)? This isn't the first time and its VERY annoying as you cant get the Steam copy anywhere else.

Posts: 166

As soon as this comes on Steam, I am pre-ordering this for sure.

Posts: 12

Now I just have to wait for a pc that can run the game...

Posts: 1548

Now I just have to wait for it to become available on UK Steam store...