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Payday 2's Web Series Continues With Ep3

By MrJenssen26-07-2013

In the ongoing web-series' third episode - embedded above - we get a bit more of an insight into the world surrounding the Payday heisters, including the different sides that continuously duke it out against each other. It might be a little difficult to understand what's going on if you haven't seen the previous episodes, so make sure to see them first.

As a side-note, you might want to know that pre-ordering the "Career Criminal" edition of Payday 2 on Steam will grant you immediate access to the ongoing beta, which will last until the game's release sometime in late August. I've tried the beta myself, and I must say that - apart from a few bugs here and there - the experience is VERY satisfying. A good step above the original Payday: The Heist. A very good step above.

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