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Payday 2 Web Series, Episode 2

By MrJenssen24-06-2013

In anticipation of the upcoming (self-proclaimed) "heist simulator" Payday 2, a live-action web-series is being made to help market the game. In it, you get some backstory for the characters and more exposure to the world of Payday 2, than you might get in the actual game.

Now, as with most second episodes of something, this one also has the distinctive task of following up a first episode, so be sure to check that one out before you embark upon episode 2. In episode 1, we saw the group of bank robbers entering a large national bank, with the sole task of getting out with as much dosh as they can carry. Underway, things go south and a gunfight ensues. Episode 2 continues, as the robbers fight their way through waves of incompetent SWAT-forces with lead and martial arts, only to find out that behind the doors to freedom, lies a turn of events they didn't anticipate....

In case you don't care about half-amateurish web-series, then let me just remind you that the game's target release date is August 13. There's also some actual gameplay footage available. You know, if the actual gameplay is a little bit more important for you, when you buy games.

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Posts: 1548

Is it just me or the previous episode looked more exciting?

Posts: 1317

Yeah and give it the support it deserves. The first game REALLY struggled with the replayability. The devs seemed to expect gamers to just play for hours on end, the same heists over and over and over again, just to... unlock new stuff? It's not fun to unlock stuff if the game itself isn't fun after the first few hours.

Hopefully, the variety will be higher in the sequel, and heists WILL actually play out differently each time, and depending on how players decide to do things.

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I liked the first game, hopefully they can improve upon it and make it better.