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Payday 2 To Pay Out At Least 5 DLCs

By JcDent20-08-2013

Payday 2 is a game about pulling off heists, because, hey, what's a guy with a Bachelor's in Rifles and Master's in Sociopathy to do in this economy?

How about taking more DLCs? While some planned features were not in the game at the start (here comes the real release date to bite them in the ass), they will come later, being followed by 5 DLCs which are to be scattered through the year - this comes from David Goldfarb, Overkill Software's Game Director. He says that it's a living game and it will evolve.

He also added that the studio is looking into the possibility of adding mod support to the game. And, since we're no strangers to internet, added mod support would mean naked anime chicks everywhere - just check Elder Scroll Nexus some time! Then again, this seems to be great news for the game, since multiplayer shooters get a lot of love from the modding people who keep the game fresh.

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