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Payday 2 Launches, Billions Of DLC Planned

By MrJenssen14-08-2013

Payday 2 launched yesterday, and with it came an absolutely brilliant launch trailer, showing off a single second of a bank robbery.

It's quite an eerie trailer, in a lot of ways similar to Dead island's early CGI announcement trailer, which went backwards in slow motion. It's similar because the two trailers have almost nothing in common with their games. Well, that's not entirely correct. Dead Island is about zombie slaughtering, and Payday 2 is about robbing banks. The trailers clearly depict that. But the trailers are both similar in that they convey a tone that is nowhere to be found in the actual games themselves. You will never ever feel remorse for the thousands of cops you gun down in Payday 2, believe me. And other than doing a completely stealthy approach to each heist - something nearly impossible to pull off early in the game - you're downright forced to slaughter down the endless hordes of police officers swarming your location. Still, it's a great watch.

In related news, the Official Xbox Magazine recently got an interview with Payday 2's director David Goldfarb, where he mentioned that the game has "like a year of DLC" planned for it. The first of which is the upcoming Armored Transport DLC, which is to be delivered free of charge to anyone who pre-ordered the game, as a "thank you" from Overkill after the pre-orders alone paid for all the game's development costs. There might even be new playable characters down the line, including a female.

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It's more of a disconnect between the game's tone, and the gameplay. If it was a heavily story driven single-player/co-op game it would all show through. But because most people are playing for the heists, it falls flat

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I agree on that it seems a bit off topic this trailer..it is spot on as what the game is about but in no way does it convey such a message of remorse or feelings ...doenst matter if they are cops, trolls, zombies or martians really...they are in the way is all. But i liked the trailer nevertheless

Posts: 3290

I felt the trailer fit pretty well to be honest