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Payday 2 Impossible Mode

By NAG3LT01-04-2014

For some players, heists in Payday 2 have become too easy. Those teams of four bull’s-eye Rambos loot the banks and then easily deal even with the strongest police force trying to stop them. To provide challenge to these players and to show that their name means business, OVERKILL Software have partnered with security firm Gensec to create a new expensive DLC.

Three new police units should provide an impossible challenge to any bank robber. Mirror Shield unit uses large magical riot shield which reflects any attack right back, including melee ones. Therefore, you should stop hitting yourself. Cloaker Cloaker has a full body cloak and a large range teleporter unit. While loudness is a design oversight, when you hear them it will already be too late to run. Finally, if you somehow manage to trick those two, Titandozers will stop your escape via their sheer might. More than twice as tall as an average human, Titandozer spots Titan armour and heavy armaments. Going against an army of Robocops might be a less dangerous idea.

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