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Payday 2 Goes Loud With New Weapon Pack

By MrJenssen04-09-2014

Another month, another DLC for Payday 2. Okay, technically we didn't get one in August, but that was the exception. Anyway, the new DLC, dubbed Gage's Assault Pack is all about the firepower. You know, as opposed to Gage's Weapon Pack #1 and 2, the Shotgun Pack and Sniper Pack which were more focused on unicorns and rainbows.


So alright. What do we have here? Well, according to the DLC's web page, we can expect to wield a four-clover of assault and battle rifles like the FA-MAS, IMI Galil, H&K G3 and uh, a 40mm grenade launcher? There are a few melee weapons too, including a "tactical sledgehammer" - whatever that is. As always, you'll get another four masks with the accompanying patterns and materials. And another ten Steam achievements, undoubtedly connected with the weapons and masks found in the pack.

In case you're not sure about whether the weapons are actually worth getting, check the DLC's site to find in-depth information on the stats and available attachments for each weapon. The DLC is out today, and you can pick it up for $4.99 or your regional equivalent on Steam.

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