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Payday 2 Gets Cooking

By Doubleplus27-03-2015

Not even a week after the insanity of the Spring Break update, which was a week with an update every day, Overkill drops another update for Payday 2. Over the course of 3 days, Overkill revealed more and more about their new BBQ Pack DLC, a weapon pack revolving around everyone's favorite chemical reaction: Fire. In the pack, you will receive a flamethrower, which may be modded with "rare" "medium" or "well done", a Milkor MGL-style grenade launcher dubbed "The Piglet", Molotovs, an AA-12 style shotgun, and dragon's breath rounds for shotguns.

I'm actually torn with Payday 2's DLC pack to be quite honest. On one hand, it's a pay-for game with a laundry list of DLC. On the other, Overkill has added plenty of free content alongside it, plus the DLC is hardly horse armor and usually added enough to the game to be worthy of purchase.

Aside from The Diamond Heist, that is.

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