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Payday 2 Dev Diary Stealing Your Time

By Toast11-07-2013

What is Payday 2? Well according to David Goldfarb of Overkill, it aims to be "the full bank robbery fantasy" for fans with more RPG features and customisation options added into the mix. We can see that there'll be a focus on customising your character to specialise in a different area of expertise called "professions" for your character while others focus on something else. The game focuses strongly on co-operating with your friends just like the previous game did, and overkill seem to be encouraging this with the latest editions of "climbing the criminal ladder" with friends. But David also mentions that it will be important to play co-op otherwise it will be a very difficult experience for playing solo, and the incentive is there to get rewarded more when you play with more people.

An interesting point that David tells us is there is always the opportunity to make more money on each mission, but this solely depends on if you're greedy enough to try and grab most of it or accept the amount you've already accumulated and scram before the cops get you. Sounds like greed could easily get you killed in the game, I mean, being extra greedy, you're already being pretty greedy for doing these heists already, right?

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