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Payday 2 Available This Summer

By Oskason13-03-2013

Whether you only dabbled in Payday: The Heist, or you're a huge fan like me, you can't deny its replayability and the amount of fun it generates when you play with your friends. Either way, the news we've received about its sequel today is sure to get you excited! Starbreeze, who have recently acquired the Payday devs, Overkill, have announced that they will be adding some new features and upgrades to the original game as well as an approximate release date for Payday 2, today. Payday 2 will be available to download on the Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and Stream on the PC this summer.

The sequel will include many features that it lacked in the first game. Firstly, there will be a feature called CrimeNet. The devs are describing this as a database in which you can take out multiple and unique contracts. There will be more dynamic content, (whatever that means) rare events (these could simply be events that are on special days such as Christmas or Halloween) and exciting job rewards in the likes of weapons, masks, etc.

Possibly one of the more exciting features is that there will be four skill trees which you can specialize in.  These have been named as: Mastermind, Enforcer, Ghost and Technician.  I'm sure you can tell roughly by their names which skills will be improved when you add XP into their trees, but in case you can't, I'll explain them in a little more detail. Masterminds are more affective with crowd control, which they can turn corrupt cops onto your side. Enforcers are your run of the mill tanks, dealing and taking a substantial amount of damage. Technicians are better at breaking into safes, are explosive experts and also have deployable turrets. Ghosts can apparently cut out cameras and disable alarms - I would suspect that they excel at stealth abilities too.

One last thing that they mentioned is that they will not be adding any forms of micro-transactions. Personally, I wouldn't have really have had a problem with this as I am pretty much becoming accustomed to the free-to-play model with transaction added on to unlock weapons, skins and attachments early. Would you mind? Leave your thought below.

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Posts: 596

Video games spoofing movies in their trailers and movies spoofing video games... ah the fun times :D (the trailer for Hangover 3 spoofs Hitman Absolution, only it's well hidden and I doubt many people noticed it, if any at all)

Posts: 4

Agreed Mr Jensen, agreed. :)
Having said that, I had a ton of fun with this game and I can't wait for it's sequel. I hope they improve on the graphics though.

Posts: 1548

The first was a bit lacking and had something off. Hope they can pull the right feeling on the new one because I'm really tempted just be the concept.

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This could turn out to be awesome. At least if they truly DO improve the things they say. That certainly wasn't the case for the original. They said they'd release a ton of content for the game. Yeah, sure. A year or two later, and we were still stuck with, what, ONE content-update? One we had to pay for? I don't trust the developer. On the whole, Payday was a mediocre game that certainly was not worth the asking price. It had a lot of cool ideas, but they were drowned in bad developer decisions. There was no point in planning. The AI was horrendous. Sound design was abysmal. The amount of maps was ridiculously low. And every map pretty much played the same every time you played it. It wasn't very realistic either, since police don't rush like that in "waves". I get that the devs were inspired by Valve and L4D, but SWAT aren't zombies. It made no sense thematically. Levelling up took forever too, where you had to grind the same four maps over and over and over again just to get some new stuff. For a €10 game that would've been acceptable. But they charged TWICE that. So I'm keeping one eye on the project, but it is a skeptical one.