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Payday 2 and New IP from Starbreeze

By Leigh Cobb18-09-2012

Developer Starbreeze, who acquired Overkill Studios of 'Payday: the Heist' fame last year, have announced they are developing Payday 2 and a new IP.

Starbreeze, whose last released game was the Syndicate, are teaming up with 505 Games as a publishing partner, to bring the new Payday and P13, a brand new IP, to consoles and PC. Details about P13 are scarce at the moment, but we do know that it will be a downloadable, action adventure title, to be made available on Xbox Live, PSN and the PC.

Payday 2 on the other hand is obviously the sequel to the, rather wonky, Payday: the Heist, of which you can read our review here. I can't say I'm too excited by this news, I never got on with Payday and the new IP doesn't have enough information to be interesting yet. "Action adventure title" could mean anything really.

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